The Alienware 17 is a 17.3-inch gaming laptop first introduced in 2013. Is is an upgrade of the M17x, but some countries refer it as the M17XR5 Ranger.


  • Alienware 17 - Updated with Intel Haswell Processors. Choice of Nvidia GeForce 700 Series GPUs or the AMD R9 M290X with new facelift and body design. Allows up to 32GB DDR3 RAM (Four RAM slots total with 8GB each). Options of screen resolution with 1600x900 or 1920x1080p. Refresh rates options with 60Hz or 120Hz. 3-D display optional. Two hard drive slots and mSATA slot.
  • Alienware 17 R2 - 2015 revision of the Alienware 17, updated with Nvidia GeForce 900 Series. Features FHD matte display or FHD touch display. A port on the rear for Graphics Amplifier. This model introduced BGA mounted CPU and GPU, removing the ability to replace the CPU or GPU without changing the entire motherboard. No optical drive included. Up to 16GB DDR3 RAM (Two slots with 8GB each).
  • Alienware 17 R3 - 2015 refresh of the Alienware 17. Windows 10 available. Features FHD overclocking display. Ultra HD IGZO Display also available, as well as a Nvidia GeForce 900 Series with 4GB GDDR5 and 8GB GDDR5 option. Up to 32GB DDR4 RAM (Two slots at 16GB each).
  • Alienware 17 R4 - 2016 Alienware 17 with Windows 10. Features Tobii eye tracking, Ultra HD Display also available, as well as a Nvidia GeForce 1000 series with up to 8GB GDDR5. Up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM (Two slots with 16GB each).